We repair phones, tablets, computers and game consoles.
Sometimes! Give us a call at 708-848-4140 and find out! Some devices we do not service at the moment include smart watches, audio equipment, televisions and printers.
Sure! We offer free diagnostics for all devices we service. Give us a call at 708-848-4140 and we’ll see what we can do for you!
No appointments necessary! Just stop in at your earliest convenience and let one of our techs help out!
All of our repairs are covered by a 90-day warranty. If you experience any problems related to a repair we have performed for you, you are covered for 90 days (in the absence of physical or liquid damage, which voids said warranty.)
We suggest you bring your device for cleaning and diagnostics as soon as possible and refrain from attempting to power it on. You may have heard some things online about putting your device in rice to dry it out, but unfortunately this advice is obsolete. The more time that passes between the initial liquid exposure and our attempted repairs, the more likely your internal components will be irreparably damaged by corrosion or short-circuiting. The sooner you bring it to us, the better your chances will be.
We ask for roughly one business day to complete our diagnostic service on devices that have been exposed to water or other liquids. Upon completion of our cleaning and diagnosis, we will contact you and let you know what further services, if any, are required to restore your device to normal working order.
If, for some reason, your device is not able to be repaired, we will return it to you at no cost. While we cannot accept responsibility for any data lost on a water damaged device, we will look into options for data recovery. If data is not recoverable, or if you are not interested in recovering the data, we will return your device to you at no cost.
We use only the highest quality replacement parts available. In many cases, we are able to source original replacement parts through their respective manufacturers. If that is not possible, we only use the highest quality parts produced to the same specifications of the original. For example, Apple Inc. does not manufacture or sell replacement parts. As a result, we use replacement parts made to the same specifications as the original and cover our work with a 90-day warranty.