LCD Replacement

Our laptops are some of our most useful tools, whether we use them for work or leisure our laptops are always with us. However, even the most careful users still encounter the dreaded event of LCD damage or pixel loss. FixThat4U has access to nearly every major laptop manufacturer and can obtain the proper parts that can have your laptop screen looking like the day you bought it.

Virus & Malware Removal

The internet is a vital tool for our daily activities. Whether we are browsing the web to learn about current world events, performing searches or simply communicating with people, the internet has endless uses. However, with this connectivity leads us all to become targets of malicious viruses, and pesky malware. Our experts at FixThat4U are ready to combat these annoyances and have your device running at optimal levels. We also give you free tools and advice to keep your device clean and virus free.

Windows Installtion

Is your Windows operating system acting up, not starting or has it crashed while setting up Windows 10? Have you bought a new PC, but love the look and feel of previous versions of Windows? The experts at FixThat4U can reconfigure any pesky Windows related issues and install the version that best suits your needs.

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Mac OS Installtion

Is your OSX operating system acting up by not starting or did your hard drive crash and need a fresh install of OSX? The experts at FixThat4U can make your Mac device run like new and solve the issues with your operating system.

Data Back-Up

Do you have irreplaceable information that you would like to have in a secure backup location? Are you planning on getting rid of an old PC or Mac but would like the information off it before it’s disposed of? Our experts have the latest hardware and software to help recover and transfer your precious data. You’ll never have to worry about losing important pictures, documents or priceless family movies every again. Stop by your local FixThat4U, and our experts will make sure that your information stays with you.


Is your PC or Mac acting up and you have no clue what’s going or what even happened? Is there a program or a device that simply stopped working on your computer? Are you contemplating going Office Space on your device? Before you grab that hammer or baseball bat, stop by FixThat4U, where our experts will let you know exactly what the solutions are and let you decide whether or not it’s worth repairing. Let’s face it, with the low price of Free, you really have nothing to lose.