Front Glass & LCD Replacement

Drop your Droid RAZR only to discover the front glass has cracked or shattered? Not to Fear, Fixthat4u is here to help offering our on the spot repair service that will have you in and out in 45 minutes with your device looking like new.

Loudspeaker Replacement

Is the sound coming out of your loudspeaker not loud at all or is the quality really poor? If so, let our technicians FixThat4U. With the loudspeaker replacement service we offer, our technicians replace and test a brand new Loudspeaker to ensure it is working properly.

Ear Speaker Replacement

Did the ear speaker on your Droid RAZR go out or not functioning properly? Is the sound coming out of the ear speaker muffled or very low in volume? If so, the ear speaker replacement service is what you need. We replace and test a brand new ear piece to ensure it is working properly.

Water Damage

Has your Droid RAZR been accidentally exposed to any sort of water/liquid and does not function as it should anymore? If so, then this service is what you are looking for. Our highly skilled technicians will be happy to clean out any/ all type of liquid to stop corrosion, and diagnose to figure out what other parts it may need to function properly again. Then you will be contacted with a repair quote, which you will choose to either repair or have the device returned to you as is.

Diagnostic Service

Not sure what might be wrong to your Motorola Device Not a problem, our technicians at FixThat4U are here to help. Most parts on the Droid RAZR are interchangeable so our technicians are sure to pinpoint the exact problem. We will then contact you with a price quote, detailed explanation of what needs to be replaced and a go ahead from you to continue with the repairs needed.